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Dr. Kate Biberdorf is a chemist, science entertainer, and professor at The University of Texas. Through her theatrical and hands-on approach to teaching, Dr. Biberdorf is breaking down the image of the stereotypical scientist, while reaching students who might otherwise be intimidated by science. Students' emotional responses, rather than rote memorization of facts, are key to Biberdorf's dynamic approach to her program, as well as science in general. Her exciting and engaging program leaves audiences with a positive, memorable impression of science—all while diminishing the stigma around women in science. She has appeared on The Today Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, NBC Nightly News, the Wendy Williams Show, the Rachael Ray Show, and Late Night with Stephen Colbert. 

She is also the author of KATE THE CHEMIST: THE BIG BOOK OF EXPERIMENTS, a full-color non-fiction book featuring 25 fun, kid-friendly experiments kids can do in their own kitchens. Readers will learn how to make slime, fake tattoos, edible snot, glitter volcanoes and more—all with the help of step-by-step instructions, ingredients lists, stunning photographs, a messiness factor rating, safety reminders, and a note from Kate about how each fun-tastic experiment works! 

The fun doesn't stop there! She is also the author of The Kate the Chemist fiction series that features a 10-year-old Kate the Chemist who, along with her friends and little brother Liam, solves problems in her community with the help of science! This series shows kids that science truly is everywhere. 

In addition to the fiction series, the soon to be released IT'S ELEMENTAL: THE HIDDEN CHEMISTRY IN EVERYTHING is about the ways we experience chemistry in our every day life. In It's Elemental, she demystifies the fundamental principles of the science that may have eluded you in high school and shows how chemistry comes alive in everything we do. 


Dr. Biberdorf lives in Austin Texas with her husband and two dogs (and one very grumpy cat). 





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