Learn how to make slime, fake tattoos, edible snot, and more! With 25 kid-friendly science experiments, and stunning full-color photographs, Kate the Chemist's big book of experiments, shows kids just how fun science can be. Experiments include step-by-step instructions, an ingredients list, supporting photos, a messiness factor rating, and a note from Kate about how each experiment works.

Kate the Chemist is her neighborhood's ten-year-old science problem solver. There's no problem Kate can't fix! When her best friend Birdie is cast as the lead unicorn in their school musical Dragons vs. Unicorns, and Kate is chosen to be the assistant director, they agree this is going to be the best musical EVER! Kate is a natural assistant director; like all good scientists, she's smart and organized, but she also comes up with great ideas, like making liquid nitrogen Cheetos so the Dragons can look like they're breathing fire! But when everything starts going wrong with the musical and Kate realizes someone is sabotaging the show, she will have to use her special science sleuthing skills to find a solution.


The second installment of the Kate the Chemist series that shows kids that everyone can be a scientist!


What do magnetic slime, a secret code, and the periodic table have in common? They’re all part of the science-themed escape room that Kate’s science teacher puts together to teach Kate and her friends about teamwork. But will they be able to use their science know-how to crack the code in time to win? Only time will tell . . .


The Awesome Cookbook of Edible Experiments, a full-color non-fiction book featuring 25 fun kid-friendly experiments you can eat, will be out in Summer 2021.


The fourth installment of the Kate the Chemist series (The Birthday Blastoff) will be released at the same time. When Kate's brother Liam is having a science-themed birthday party the very same day that the science club in Kate's school is planning a special rocket launch experiment, Kate isn't sure how she'll manage to do it all: be a great big sister AND a great science club member. But with a little help from chemistry--and her friends--Kate figures out a way to be in two places at once. That is, until she is late to pick up the ice cream cake, which means Liam won't have a birthday cake for his party! Will science be able to save the day?

In the third installment of the Kate the Chemist series, Kate’s school is having their first-ever science fair–and YouTube sensation Dr. Caroline will be one of the judges! The winner will get a big prize and even get to meet Dr. Caroline. Kate is determined to win and comes up with the perfect experiment. But as she and her best friend, Birdie, start preparing, they find that their projects keep getting messed up. Will Kate be able to use her science know-how to find out who is behind it? And will she fix her–and Birdie’s–project in time for the science fair?



In this fresh and engaging guide to chemistry, Dr. Kate Biberdorf, aka “Kate the Chemist,” reveals the fascinating science we experience every day

Have you ever wondered what makes dough rise? Or how your morning coffee gives you that energy boost? Or why your shampoo is making your hair look greasy? The answer is chemistry. From the moment we wake up until the time we go to sleep (and even while we sleep), chemistry is at work—and it doesn’t take a PhD in science to understand it.

Dr. Biberdorf, who has been dubbed “the cooler Bill Nye,” is lighting the world on fire, changing the face of chemistry as we know it. In Chemistry on Fire, she demystifies the fundamental principles of the science that may have eluded you in high school and shows how chemistry comes alive in everything we do. With wry wit and infectious enthusiasm, this entertaining guide will ignite your passion for science and change the way you experience the world.

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